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A Custom Written Dissertation Will Cost A Lot

Buying custom written coursework, term papers, and other homework assignments has become common place among many college students. In fact, it’s become habit for many of them. As a result, even graduate students are now looking for ways to outsource their dissertations. However, a great number of them underestimate the cost of ordering a high-quality, custom written dissertation from an individual writer or a writing agency.

Are all custom written dissertations expensive?

Any custom written dissertation or thesis that is worth buying is likely to be considered expensive. Certainly there are services which offer to provide dissertations at a low cost, and they may even claim these dissertations are cheap. The rule of thumb, of course, is to understand that you typically get what you pay for with such services. That is to say, very little if anything at all. In fact, some of these cheap dissertation services are outright scams, taking buyers’ money without providing anything whatsoever.

How can I identify quality dissertation writing services?

There’s no foolproof way to find a dissertation writing service that is absolutely trustworthy, but there are a few things you can do to determine whether or not there are red flags.

  • See how long the agency has been in business.
  • It’s important to choose a well-established agency with plenty of accessible online reviews. You’ll want to specifically look for reviews posted at a third party website which students use to review various services; don’t trust the reviews posted on the site that the agency itself owns.

  • Determine that they employ a writer that specializes in your discipline.
  • Don’t take their word for it or correspond only via email for this portion. At the very least you want to be able to have an IM conversation with the writer in question. Why? Because you want to ensure that the writer can converse about your discipline easily and without having to resort to a search engine to look everything up. While that would be fine for a less demanding project, it’s simply not acceptable in terms of dissertation writing.

  • Ask a lot of questions before you commit.
  • For example, ask if charges are the same whether or not you contribute to research, and the charge for each revision. You’ll also want to know what recourse you have, if any, if you’re not satisfied with the dissertation. It’s also wise to ask if you will have access to the paper as it progresses.

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