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Checking the credibility of a dissertation writing service

Just because a website is fancily designed does not necessarily mean that is a credible dissertation writing service. But how do you know if a service is credible?

Here are some tips to testing the credibility of dissertation writing services:

Are the consultants accredited? A credible dissertation writing service should have a staff of Graduate level degree holders who will write the dissertation. Make sure that the service displays the credentials of its writers and specifically the one who will be working on your dissertation.

Do a search of the Better Business Bureau website to make sure that there are not any complaints filed against them. If your dissertation writing service is an online business, they may not be registered with the BBB, but complaints can still be made against them if they are doing bad business.

Ask around. Referrals to a writing service from Graduate degree holders are likely to steer you toward a credible service. Make sure that you are talking to people that you trust.

Does the service have a verifiable success rate? Many illegitimate websites display testimonials that may not be trustworthy. Read the testimonials and if they say they have so many fortune 500 firms as clients, check their press releases and see if it is true.

Most importantly, use the same caution finding a credible dissertation writing service as you would for any online service. While the style and appearance of a website doesn’t necessarily mean it is credible, if it isn’t a functional website, it should be a red flag.

For instance, if you click any of the links and it takes you to a dead end, you should be skeptical. A quality business will have a webmaster that is constantly making sure that the website is functioning properly.

Make sure that there is a way to contact the service by phone. It may sound commonsensical, but many contact forms on websites ask for your information only. This is especially true if the only contact form on their website is an e-mail form submission. For your dissertation and thesis, you are going to want to know that you have a service that you can communicate with whenever you need them.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a good start to making sure that your dissertation writing service is a credible one.

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